We have put together a brief summary of the Club Membership Terms & Conditions.

On delivery of the artwork you will be asked to sign an Acceptance Form.

By signing this form you confirm that you received the work and that you agree to be bound by the Club’s T&Cs and Rental Terms. Hard copies of these documents will be delivered to you with the first art delivery.

You can also download the PDF version by clicking the button below. DOWNLOAD PDF
Art Subscription Service

As a Club Member you have a unique access to our Club Collection and can enjoy great art in the comfort of your own home. We will pre-select a piece from the Club Collection and deliver it straight to your door. After one, two or three months (depending on your preferred rotation schedule), the Artwork will be collected and a new work delivered. While each rental period is subject to a separate Hire Agreement, we work hard to ensure that the exchange experience is as convenient and seamless as possible.

Art Delivery & Collection

We will contact you a couple days prior to your due Exchange date. We will collect the previous work and deliver a new work for you.

You will be encouraged to check the condition of the delivered work against its Condition Report. The same way, a Club’s representative will check the collected Artwork against its Condition Report and will take photos of the Artwork (front and back). If any damage occurs, notes will be added to the Condition Report and detailed photographs of the damage will be taken.

At the Exchange, you will be asked to sign two forms. One for the collected work, confirming that the updated Condition Report is correct and that you have handed the work over to the Club. And the second one for the delivered work, confirming that you accepted it into your possession and that the work’s condition matches the Condition Report.

Club Members are not liable for the costs of collecting the Artwork on the agreed Collection Date. Club Members must notify Atelier no less than 1 day prior to the Collection Date if they have to change the arranged collection timeslot or date. Should the Club Member fail to notify Atelier, Atelier reserves the right to charge an Additional Collection Fee for collecting the Artwork on an alternative Collection Date.

If no damage occurred during the rental period, the exchange shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes.

We recommend you dedicate one place in your living space (the one you get to see most) for the Club’s art. You will need just one firm hook or nail. We will make sure that hanging a new work of art will not require any extra effort on your side.

Membership Fees

For legal purposes, your Membership Fee is composed of two parts: Membership and Art Rental Fee. Technically, you can opt out from the art rental agreement and continue being a member of the Club. However, art subscription service is the core value that the Club provides, and we expect all our members to use it. If you want to become a member without access to the art collection, please email us.

Club Members must also pay a one-off Joining Fee at the start of their Membership to cover the onboarding costs.

Cancellation Policy

A Club Member may cancel their Membership within 14 days of the Effective Date (the ‘cooling-off’ period) and receive a full refund of the Joining Fee and Membership Fee, while the Art Rental part of the Membership fee will be refund prorated.

A Club Member or Atelier may end (or ‘terminate’) a Club Member’s Membership at any time and for any reason by giving the other notice in writing. Such notice shall be deemed to take effect on the 1st day of the month two months following the date of the notice, that is:

Notice received on, say, 1st of March will result in termination of Membership with effect from 1st May;

Notice received on, say, any date from the 2nd through to the 31st March will also result in termination of Membership with effect from 1st May.

Member’s Responsibility

The Club Member must take adequate and proper measures to protect the Artwork at all times during the Rental Period from theft, damage and/or other risks and in accordance with the Atelier Art Enjoyment & Conservation Guide.

The Club Member must at all times during the Rental Period keep the Artwork in their possession and control, located at the address specified in the application form. For the avoidance of doubt, Club Members may not relocate the Artwork to another address, unless Atelier have given their express written consent.

In the event a Club Member wishes to change the Specified Address, the Club Member must give Atelier no less than 7 days’ notice. To minimise the risk of damage during relocation, Atelier will collect the Artwork from the Specified Address and deliver it to the new address.

The Club Member must notify Atelier as soon as they become aware of any defect(s) in or damage to the Artwork.

The Club Member must provide all reasonable cooperation and assistance to Atelier in connection with the collection of the Artwork at the end of the Rental Period and/or early termination of the Club Collection Hire Agreement.

The Club Member must not sell, rent, assign, mortgage, pledge, charge, dispose of, grant any interest in, or otherwise encumber, Atelier’s title, ownership, interest and/or ability to repossess the Artwork. The Club Member must not give anyone other than Atelier any legal rights over the Artwork.


All works in the Club’s collection are insured, but in case of damage or loss the member partially covers the costs of restoration or replacement, according to the following 2-tier Fixed Rate System. The amount payable by the member depends on the value of a particular artwork:

• Up to £500.00 for pieces with an asset value of up to £3,500.
• Up to £750.00 where asset value is £3,500 - £7,000.
Any excess is covered by the Club.

The damage costs will be charged from your security deposit or can be claimed against your Home Insurance.

We want you to have the best art experience and to minimise your risks and worries. That is why we encourage you to obtain a home insurance policy that covers art. If you already have a home insurance but it doesn’t cover art, you can call your insurance provider and add art to your policy. Having Home Insurance will protect you from any potential expenses related to damage to the Club’s art. Home Insurance is very accessible (starting at £40 per year) and quite easy to get.

Club Collection

We want to keep an element of surprise so you will not know in advance which particular artwork from the Club Collection you will receive on each delivery. However, as a member, you will have access to our Club’s portal with full details about the Club Collection. In the future, we will add a booking system where you will be able to reserve particular works.

The value of each work in the Club Collection is between £2,000 and £10,000. We may, from time to time, deliver you more expensives (sometimes radically more expensive) works. This, however, will not affect your membership fees.

Over the period of your membership, you might receive more than one work by the same artist, but we guarantee that you will never receive the same work twice.

We are also planning to launch a Premium Membership with works ranging in value between £10,000 and £25,000. So if you wish to enjoy more expensive works, you will be able to upgrade your membership.

Contact us

If you have any questions left regarding our terms and services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!