GREAT Art Delivered to Your Home


Louise Giovanelli, An Ex III (detail)


It’s very simple. You pay a monthly membership fee and receive a new work of high-quality contemporary art every month. When a new work is delivered, the previous one is collected.


Here are just a few works from our collection, to give you an idea of the kind of art you’ll be getting with Atelier

Joana Galego Mother Fleeing as a Teen, 2019 Oil on linen, 160 x 105 cm

Joana is very young and yet a highly in demand artist with works entering top collections and a lot of interest from institutions.

This particular work has been recently shown at This Is Where We Meet exhibition and featured on the cover of its catalogue. The work has a very deep and philosophical idea behind that adds to the aesthetic qualities of the canvas.

Loie Hollowell Milk Fountain, 2021 Archival ink jet with screen print, 71 x 53 cm

An extremely young and yet already a very successful artist, with her oils selling at top auctions for £300,000. This print was created in January 2021 as a limited edition of 30 in support of a charity working to alleviate hunger.

The edition was sold out within hours and we are very pleased to secure one of these for the Club.

Donna Huanca Spiral para el cielo, 2021 Hand finished archival pigment print, 100 x 80 cm

American-Bolivian artist Donna Huanca has a vast multi-disciplinary practice encompassing painting, sculpture, performance, choreography, sound and even scent.

This piece can be seen as a gateway into her practice.

Marilyn Hallam White Easel, 2001-2 Oil on canvas, 137 x 76 cm

An incredibly delicate and fluid treatment of colour in this work is a sign of great mastery. Marilyn Hallam, who spent most of her life in the shadow of her late husband Clyde Hopkins, is now getting recognition and fame of her own.

"Marilyn Hallam questions life too closely to be a traditional artist. At first you think her paintings are domestic interiors, the more you look at them they seem like universal allegories." The Guardian.

Matt Phillips Untitled, 2020 Silica pigment on canvas, 76 х 60 cm

"In art, unsolvable challenge is a good thing"

Matt's challenge is to make the paint vibrate through a masterful combination of form and colour. He compares his paintings with music composed of rythm and the chords of colour.

Veronika Pausova Uterus, 2021 Oil on canvas, 46 x 38 cm

Czech born Canada based artist Veronika Pausova creates semi-abstract spaces where the interchange between the physical and cognitive plays out.

She attempts to represent objects or entities at once inside and outside.

Patrícia Koyšová In Search of a Perfect Shape, 2016 Acrylic on canvas, 105 x 90 cm

A young Slovak artist exploring a new medium of air painting.

Due to high intensity of colour and movement, her works immediately grab one’s attention and become central pieces in any space and any arrangement.

Valeria Duca Evening Light, 2020 Oil on panel, 60 х 40 cm

In the era of abstraction it’s rare to find an artist who follows the tradition of figurative art so faithfully.

Although the style may seem traditional, there is nothing traditional in Valeria’s choice of subjects - they resonate deeply with contemporary audiences who find a mirror reflection in her characters.

Rob Branigan Shadow III, 2020 Cyanotype on paper, 60 x 40 cm

Rob’s works can be admired for their aesthetic qualities alone, but each of them is deeply philosophical too.

His art is based on hours of research, deep understanding of the subject, and courage to ask difficult questions about history, culture and politics.


Backed by art advisors with decades of experience and outstanding track record, Atelier has an investment approach to its collection - we only pick artists who we think have a great potential to get recognition and grow in value.

We only deliver a work to you if we can confidently say WHY this is a great work. We invest our own money and are very careful with our collection.




We curate your art experience. Tailoring it to your taste but also pushing the boundaries of your aesthetic mind. Every work is delivered with a leaflet explaining why this work is worth looking at. You will learn about artists, styles, trends, art history and the art market.


If you’re thinking about starting your art collection it’s your chance to live with different artworks before committing to buying any.


They say “clothes make the man”, but in the era of working from home and endless Zoom calls it walls that make the man.


By becoming an Atelier member you automatically become a patron and support talented artists living and working today.


Atelier is proud to offer its members additional benefits. These include:

An exclusive community channel for Club Members - to engage, discuss, share your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions for new acquisitions.

Special prices on all Food & Drinks in the Atelier @Osprey - a unique art exhibition space and cafe in Central London (launch date to be announced soon).

Special terms for art acquisitions made through Atelier Club.

Exclusive Art Dinners with fun and enjoyable talks on art history, art business, art law and other topics by well-known ‘mystery guests’: artists, curators, collectors, dealers, critics and quite often celebrity speakers.


All works in the Club’s collection are insured, but in case of damage or loss the member partially covers the costs of restoration or replacement (see Club Terms.)

We want you to minimise your risks and worries and that is why we encourage you to obtain a home insurance policy that covers art (up to £5,000 in value). Having Home Insurance will protect you from any potential expenses related to damage to the Club’s art. Home Insurance is very accessible (starting at £40 per year) and easy to get.